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If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to retire comfortably and not have to depend on Social Security, consider yourself blessed. To make it to this point, you have probably made a lot of smart decisions along the way as well as exercised a lot of discipline to achieve financial success. Reducing risk in your financial decisions is a hall mark of a successful investor. One of the most common ways any of us reduces risk is through insurance and insurance can also be used to protect retirement savings.

Retirement Insurance can come in the form of several different products.

Variable Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Immediate Annuities and Life Insurance are all potential vehicles that can be used to smartly protect a retirement savings. Because insurance products can come with a variety of different guarantees, these products should be analyzed very carefully before signing on the dotted line. Keep in mind that any insurance policy is actually a contract between the consumer and the insurance company.


Retirement risks that are important to consider: 

  • Do I have enough money to last the rest of my life?
  • What if the market goes down?
  • Are there ways to protect my 401k?
  • How do I make a retirement income plan?
  • How much Social Security income will I get?
  • Should I be saving for Long Term Care/Nursing Home Expenses?
  • How do I enroll in Medicare?
  • How do I plan for inflation?

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Working day in and day out for the majority of our lives, our retirement financial plan is critically important to making this transition from the workforce to the golf course as smooth and comfortable. Based on the individual client’s goals and desires, our team creates retirement plans customized to their specific needs.


A good retirement income plan is holistic in nature and considers every variable, every moving part. Although a good retirement plan is simple, it is not easy. No one can see into the future but taking the right measures to minimize risks can make the difference between a happy, comfortable retirement and running out of money.

Some of these risk variables are under our control and some are not. How long we work and how much we spend are generally under our control. The Stock Market however, is completely out of our control. The key to a stress-free, successful retirement plan is minimizing risk while still giving compound interest a chance to work its magic.

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